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Tug "Marie M" - The tug Marie M was capsized and sank at Buoy A Mare Island, Navy Pier No. 35, San Pablo, CA. near Westport, WA. Using 8 three inch lifting straps, positioning two derricks in place to make lift, installed load equalizers and connected to the derricks. The vessel was lifted  to the surface adjusting positioning cables as necessary to maintain alignment. The vessel was moved upstream utilizing the derrick's anchor system. Dewatering was commenced throughout the process. The vessel was then towed and returned to owners.

Barge "Mr. Chips - HEAVY MARINE SALVAGE Ocean Shores, WA"The 250' barge Mr. Chips fully loaded with wood chips broke a tow line and drifted aground at Ocean Shores, WA. It was taking in water through holes in the barges hull, our crew pumped air into the hull with blowers to force water out and lighten the load. The crew working through the night continued pumping water off the barge and digging out the sand that had formed around the barge. Dragging 2,800 tons of wood chips and 1,500 tons of barge the SALVAGE CHIEF 4,000 ' off shore successfully pulled Mr. Chips out to sea with the assistance of a helicopter.

Barge "Ignacio" Mare Island, Navy Pier No. 35, San Pablo, CA. - The flat deck barge Ignacio carrying 700 gallons bunker oil ruptured down the amidships beam and partially sank near Mare Island, Navy Pier No. 35, San Pablo, CA. At the direction of salvage master Mick Leitz our crew patched, removed all pollutants, dewatered, removed sand in compartments No.4 and starboard, bottom side shell between bulkhead 18 and frame 19 for inspection. Compartments No. 4 and starboard were ballasted to maintain deflection and reduce stress in the length of the vessel. Three heavy duty softened compression or push beams were installed on deck straddling the failed areas. Two beams were welded to the deck in way of both the port and starboard

Barge " Betty L" -Marie M was capsized and sank at Buoy A near Westport, WA The 6,800 ton barge Betty L, drifted ashore in San Francisco four miles south of the Golden Gate Bridge after a storm had parted all of its 2" anchor cables. The SALVAGE CHIEF, in constant heavy seas with breakers up to twenty feet, freed the 100' X 400' barge in what proved to be one of the toughest jobs in the ship's history.